Project coordinators

1. Luminar Foundation (Poland): 1) Justyna Giezynska (Project Coordinator), 2) Michalina Jaskolska-Pyrek (Project Administrative Manager)

Partner project coordinators

2. Karolinska Institutet (Sweden): Jennifer Valcke
3. Atlantic Language (Ireland): Aoife Tamura
4. Medical University of Warsaw (Poland): Katarzyna Janik
5. Medical University of Gdansk (Poland): Jacek Bigda
6. Jagiellonian University Medical College (Poland): Anna Żądło
7. Semmelweis University (Hungary): Levente Kiss
8. Medical School at the University of Pecs (Hungary): Andras Nagy

Project experts

1. Luminar Foundation (Poland): Justyna Giezynska 
2. Karolinska Institutet (Sweden): Jennifer Valcke and Amani Eltayb
3. Atlantic Language (Ireland): Purva Srivastava
4. Medical University of Warsaw (Poland): Marta Kurzeja and Emilia Grosicka-Maciąg
5. Medical University of Gdansk (Poland): Jacek Bigda, Jacek Kaczmarek, Katarzyna Ruckermann-Dziurdzińska and Damian Szczesny
6. Jagiellonian University Medical College (Poland): Grzegorz Cebula, Ian Perera, Anna Żądło and Marta Szeliga 
7. Semmelweis University (Hungary): Levente Kiss, Borbála Kozma and Katalin Monzéger
8. Medical School at the University of Pecs (Hungary): Andras Nagy, Tímea Németh, Zsuzsanna Varga 


Justyna Giezynska

Expert in international higher education, Luminar Foundation president, Studybility CEO, BA in Cultural Anthropology (University of California) and MA in Russian and Eastern European Studies (Georgetown University). Helps HEIs apply changes related to internationalisation through a change-management assistance, seminars, workshops, market research and consultations. Organiser of a Leadership Forum in Higher Education conference on strategic internationalisation, modernisation of education and its intercultural aspects.

Michalina Jaskólska-Pyrek

Michalina is a coordinator and organizer. She has spent several years working for NGOs on various projects funded from the EU programmes such as ESF or EQUAL and worked as a consecutive translator. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in the European Union Studies (MA), she continued her postgraduate studies in EU funding. In CLILMED, she is responsible for communication between Consortium members, project implementation according to schedule, proper budget implementation and to the EU.

Jennifer Valcke

Jennifer Valcke, PhD, is an Educational Developer for the Unit for Teaching and Learning at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Her role includes teaching, training and advising on issues related to international/intercultural education and CLIL, as well as implement KI’s strategy for the internationalisation of education. Her areas of research focus on sustainable education, global citizenship and the professional development of university teachers.

Amani Eltayb

Amani Eltayb, Vet., PhD, is an educational developer and a lecturer for the unit of Teaching and Learning at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Since she obtained her PhD from Karolinska Institutet, she has combined teaching and researching on different fields as Pharmacology, Global Health and Sexual Reproductive Health. Her areas of responsibilities include teaching and advising on issues focussed on global health, global citizenship, sustainable development goals and integrating Agenda 2030 in Education at Karolinska Institutet.

Aoife Tamura

Aoife Tamura is Director of Erasmus Courses at Atlantic Language. She has been involved in developing courses for Teachers and Young Learners for the past 10 years at Atlantic and has been a Teacher and Teacher Trainer in both Ireland & Japan since 2001. She currently oversees Erasmus Courses for Universities, Secondary Level Institutes and Primary Schools based throughout the EU. She has also developed many specialised courses in the area of Teacher Methodologies for Educators, delivering training or training trainers.

Purva Srivastava

Purva is an experienced DELTA-qualified English language teacher who also specialises in Academic Training, in CLIL for Educators and Academic Writing. She has an MA in English Literature and sees herself both as a teacher and as a student of teaching. Learning in her classroom is process-oriented, experiential, and exploratory. She has authored and delivered numerous training courses for participants from a significant group of European universities and schools, from a range of teaching and administrative backgrounds, and has presented on her areas of expertise for numerous international academic conferences.

Grzegorz Cebula

Grzegorz Cebula, director of the Department of Medical Education providing development opportunities for staff involved in medical education, with a postgraduate degree in the field of emergency medicine. He manages the Center for Innovative Medical Education and the undergraduate training for Polish and international students with regards to laboratory training of clinical skills, patient–doctor communication training, non-technical skills and objective structured clinical examinations. He has been involved in developing and refining the curriculum for Jagiellonian University Medical College, helping promote a patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Ian Perera

Ian Perera is a resident physician at the University Hospital in Cracow and a lecturer in the Department of Medical Education at Jagiellonian University. He has BSc in Biology and Life Sciences at McGill University and MD from Jagiellonian University. At the Department of Medical Education Ian is involved in innovating various learning modalities to help better prepare medical students for future interactions with patients and creating opportunities for students to develop their research and communication skills.

Anna Zadlo

Anna Zadlo, MEd in Health Promotion and Sociotherapy, MSc in Public Health, BA in Emergency Medicine (Paramedic). She is a lecturer at the Medical Education Department in the Faculty of Medicine at Jagiellonian University and works as an paramedic in emergency department in Bochnia hospital.An instructor of emergency medicine and first aid certified by the American Heart Association. Authored the “Effective methods in medical education, emergency medicine and preventive care” project in Kenya, also worked with immigrants and refugees.

Marta Szeliga

Marta Szeliga, PhD is an lecturer in the Department of Medical Education Jagiellonian University Medical College Krakow, Poland. She completed an MSc in Faculty of Health Sciences and PhD in Faculty of Medicine. She teaches nursing in both Polish and international groups of students. Her scientific work focuses mainly on the issues of medical education and palliative care.

Marta Kurzeja

Marta Kurzeja is a lecturer at the Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Warsaw. Teaching students gives her much satisfaction and motivates her to a continuous professional development. Marta is also a board-certified dermatologist specialising in non-invasive methods of diagnosing skin diseases and paediatric dermatology. Her research focuses on the application of reflectance confocal microscopy in autoimmune skin diseases, especially pemphigus. 

Emilia Grosicka

Since 2001, Emilia Grosicka has been working at the Department of Biochemistry of the Medical University of Warsaw. In 2019, she obtained the title of a habilitated doctor. Her research currently concerns the anti-cancer properties of Selol containing Se (IV) in prostate cancer cells. In addition, Emilia is a biochemistry teacher for second-year medical students. This work is especially important and satisfying to Emilia as it allows her to stay in touch with young people representing different cultures. 

Jacek Bigda

Prof. Jacek Bigda graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of MUG in 1987. He is a specialist in cell biology and immunology. He obtained his doctorate in 1990, obtained his post-doctoral degree in 1996, appointed in 2001 as associate professor, and received the academic title of professor in 2005. Currently, he holds the position of Vice-Rector for Development and Organization of Education. As a skilled project manager he has many years of experience in project management. He teaches students at the Division of Cell Biology as an associate professor on a continuous basis. 

Jacek Kaczmarek

Jacek Kaczmarek, MD, PhD, graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk, academic teacher in the field of physiology since 1989, co-organizer of the International Relations Office MUG under a TEMPUS project, Former Institutional Coordinator of the Erasmus Program, former head of the Medical Education Unit, International Alumni Relations Officer since 2018. For 16 years active as a medical translator in Polish<>English language pair.

Damian Szczesny

Damian Szczesny, PhD. Pharmacist, graduated from Medical University of Gdansk. Since graduation, associated with the Department of Biopharmacy and Pharmacodynamics, Pharmaceutical Faculty. For most of his career, Damian has been combining research, teaching and working in a community pharmacy. He is a volunteer and Board Member of Project Management Institute Poland Chapter. He is a passionate book reader and runner, especially for long distances.

Levente Kiss

Levente Kiss MD PhD works at the Department of Physiology at Semmelweis University. His research is focusing on the role of gasotransmitters in cardiovascular physiology and he also has a keen interest in improving medical education. He has been involved in teaching physiology since 2004 and he is the secretary general of the Hungarian Society of Medical Education and Health Science and the director of Center of Educational Development, Methodology and Organization of Semmelweis University.

Katalin Monzéger

Katalin Monzéger works as an assistant advisor at the Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization at Semmelweis University, Budapest. She participates in organizing events for teachers, preparing handbooks and educational newsletters and evaluating questionnaires (DREEM-survey about educational environment). She also manages the organization’s website and Facebook page. She graduated in law from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Andras Nagy

Andras Nagy, M.D. Ph.D. Habil. is an associate professor of Anatomy, and a representative of the English Program Committee. He is teaching first-year and second-year medical students and is involved in admission interviews. He gained expertise in group teaching in Pécs and in Cambridge, UK. His  research experience in Chronobiology comes from international research fellowships at Cambridge University, UK and at Kyushu University, Japan. 

Tímea Németh

Tímea Németh, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the Department of Languages for Biomedical Purposes and Communication at the Medical School of the University of Pécs, teaches English and Hungarian for Medical Purposes and intercultural competence for Hungarian and international undergraduate medical students. Tímea is involved in transnational projects focused on multicultural education and the development of intercultural competence within healthcare settings and researches i.a. multiculturalism, intercultural communication and competence and intercultural language learning.

Zsuzsanna Varga

Zsuzsanna Varga is a Ph.D. student in Behavioural Sciences at the Theoretical Medical Sciences Doctoral School at the University of Pécs. She graduated with a Master of Science in Economics. Her main research areas are the roles of teachers in medical education, their pedagogical skills, and their professional development. She is the Head of the Dean’s Office of the Medical School. She is a representative of the Division of Medical Education Development and Communication at the Medical School.

Project Financing:

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education, total grant: 231 459 €

Project Duration:

October 31, 2019 – October 30, 2022