Are you a Medical Educator who teaches multilingual and multicultural students and you need support?

CLILMED: CLIL in Medical Education: Reaching for Tools to Teach Effectively in English in a Multicultural and Multilingual Learning Space. An Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project.

Overall Objective

The Project aims to strengthen medical higher education institutions in preparing students to become qualified healthcare professionals. To do that, we plan to increase the capacity of academic teachers teaching in English in the field of medical and healthcare sciences by encouraging them to concurrently teach their subject and increase the English language competencies of students through a CLIL approach.


We plan to produce a methodology document (output) allowing HEI staff to teach more effectively in an intercultural space and with a greater understanding of internationalisation practices (outcome).


We plan to apply the methodology in international and intercultural setting of a train-the-trainer Pilot Course (output) followed by a guidebook on practicalities of implementing CLIL (output).


We plan to contribute to the knowledge on student-centred, inclusive teaching methods in tertiary education which strengthens the understanding of the positive role of internationalisation (outcome).

The SMART goal of the Project

During the course of the Project, we aim to increase the ability of 18 academics teaching through English in the medical and healthcare sciences to use the scholarship of teaching and learning in their course development and delivery, during the course of the Project, and to teach other academic teachers to do so.


Project Financing:

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education, total grant: 231 459 €

Project Duration:

October 31, 2019 – October 30, 2022