The Guidebook

The Guidebook is intended for teachers and course leaders, and by extension for university leaders and managers in any medical and health care sciences, concerned with enhancing the quality of education within their institutions. 

This Guidebook focuses on interactive, learning-centred teaching and an academic course design in a world where students, ideas, and courses are increasingly non-traditional. English as a language of instruction is used in countries where neither teachers nor students are native English speakers.

The Guidebook provides guidelines, advice and ideas for adjusting and adapting teaching approaches for culturally and linguistically diverse students. It draws upon growing good practice recommendations using tried and tested methods alongside the extensive and varied experiences of Project Partners and from the CLILMED Project findings. 

The CLILMED Glossary. 
A Must-Have

Good practice demonstrates that unifying terms used in a given discussion helps in mutual understanding, especially in intercultural circumstances. This glossary is to serve a better communication.


A Brief History 
of Medical Education

Sometimes it helps to put things into perspective. That is why we have prepared a short article tracing development of medical education.